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About The Academy

Aim of the Balkan Academy of Forensic Sciences (BAFS) is to deal with all scientific, educational and professional matters pertaining to this discipline on an international level.


The objectives of the Academy shall be to promote education for and research in the forensic sciences, to encourage the study, to improve the practice, to elevate the standards and to advance the cause of the Forensic Sciences.


It shall also promote interdisciplinary communications and shall plan, organize and administer meetings and other projects for the stimulation of these and related purposes.


The very special region of the Balkans with different cultural and social beliefs will benefit the academic cooperation and mindful thinking to overcome differences and work for the benefit of people.

The Academy was founded in Istanbul on 2003

The founding members are as follows:


M. Akif Inanici, MD

M. Yasar Iscan, Ph.D

Sokrat Meksi, MD

Emmanuel Michalodimitrakis, JD, MD

Dan Perju MD.

Calin Scripcaru, MD

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