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Apply for BAFS Membership

The persons professing the discipline of BAFS shall be deemed to be scientifically qualified in teaching, investigation, evaluation and elucidation of forensic cases within the framework of the legal system and updated forensic sciences.
Moreover, Academy membership shall be available only to persons with professional competence, integrity and good moral character.

Here you can read information about the three types of subscription you can apply for:

Full Member


Full members are individuals who have contributed or are expected to contribute to the advancement, application, and practice of forensic science / medicine as a result of their professional status, unique knowledge, or integrity.

Provisional Member

Provisional Members are those who have a degree in medicine, science, or law but don't have enough professional experience to be elected to full membership, or people who aren't qualified in one of the disciplines but work in a field that is directly related to it.


Student Member


We welcome young members who are enrolled in a suitable academic or professional education or training program. You'll have the chance to network with experts and spread the word about BAFS to other student/trainee groups.

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