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Forensic Odontology / Anthropology  & Mass Disaster

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This workshop gives an introduction to forensic odontology and shows possibilities to apply standardized examination procedures in individual cases but also in mass catastrophes.


As the primary identification method besides DNA and dactyloscopy, forensic odontology offers a scientifically verifiable identification method that can also be used when central comparison databases are lacking. Furthermore, the dentition is often easy to assess even in the case of burnt corpses and severe decomposition.


Course participants know after the course:


  • the basics of Disaster Victim Identification

  • the Interpol forms

  • the different dental schemes (FDI / American System / Haderup etc.)

  • how to fill in the Interpol forms

  • know the Plass Data Code

  • know different techniques for postmortem dental examinations of fresh and burnt corpses

  • how to use AI to compare photos (selfies) from social media for dental identification.


All theoretical sections are flanked by case analyses and hands on training to achieve the best possible learning effect.

Sven Benthaus

Forensic Medical Expert

Former Consultant of the DVI Team Interpol Germany

Date: 06 October 2023
Time: 10:30 - 11:30
Registration Fee: 25€

These workshops are exclusively for face-to-face participants, and space is limited to 30 participants, so early registration is recommended.

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